Multi-platform micro-budget comedy TURBULENCE is in post production due for completion in Summer 2011.

Turbulence is a project that was developed using social media as a tool to develop the characters but also to garner fans who will convert into audience. A co-production with BAFTA award winning Michael B Clifford’s Grand Union Productions and Aquila TV Post Production, the film was shot entirely on location in Birmingham, in Summer 2010. Many of the locations, props and extras were sourced using Twitter and an unsigned band on the ascendancy licensed their music for an equity share in the film. A website was built using a free platform, Posterous, and the site had over 18,000 unique visitors in November 2010. The website and Facebook page have been flooded with content at each stage of the production process. Everyone who worked on the film is contracted with an equity share and a share in net producers profits. This has kept production costs down to a minimum. The aim is to secure completion finance, ramp up the social media campaign and on-line presence which will include elements such as voting for the ending to the film and to launch the film at a major festival before a day and date release. If this model works it has great potential to be replicated and great potential to maximize profits for minimal costs. Social capital as a new currency for microbudget filmmaking.