G LUV is a hard-hitting modern day, dark fairy tale that tells the story of a young girl’s dream to make it in the entertainment industry. However the perils and realisation of how harsh and cold it can be take us into the dark and menacing side within all the glitz and glamour.

Set in today’s world of E entertainment, MTV, Myspace, Facebook, & reality TV where entertainment is perceived as a way out for most young people. It’s a shocking portrayal of the entertainment world set in the underbelly of the music industry, a place where morality is a difficult concept.

Director Michael Djaba has directed, casted and produced videos for international and local artists from the world of music and television with so much real life drama, struggle and strife off and on the shoot. “It’s based on the things you see before and after the cameras stop rolling.”

Executive Producer, Christopher Figg Magna Films KIRK “STICKY FINGERZ” JONES (Attached).

He has starred in a number of high profile Hollywood films, including “Clockers,” “Dead Presidents,” “In Too Deep,” “Next Friday,” “Flight Of The Phoenix” and the upcoming Bollywood film, “Karma, Confessions And Holi.” Sticky Fingaz has also found his way on to the small screen in guest starring roles on highly acclaimed shows such as “New York Undercover,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Twilight Zone,” “CSI: Miaimi,” HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” and his infamous recurring character, Kern Little, on “The Shield.” He also starred in UPN’s Francis Ford Coppola-produced drama, “Platinum.” Recently, Sticky Fingaz was seen weekly as the star of FX’s controversial drama series based on the Iraqi war, “Over There,” executive produced by Steven Bochco. The show premiered with the eighth biggest cable numbers of any series in history.